Bundle Your body essentials and receive a savings 



Lavender- Egyptian lavender and Vanilla tonka bean

Colombia- Sweet coconut cream, Espresso, Cocoa

Manly- Cardamom, Jasmine, Sandalwood

Mango & Coconut milk- Mangoes, Coconut cream, Vanilla tonka bean

Honey Bourbon- Honey, Clove, Bourbon, Brown sugar

Pink Mimosa- Sparkling champagne, Pink jasmine, Lily, Peach

Butter Pecan- Brown sugar, Buttermilk, Maple syrup, Vanilla bean

Coconut Açaí- Açaí berries, Coconut water, Jasmine

Grey Sweatpants- Spicy cocoa, Wood, Plumeria 

Vanilla Chai- Vanilla, Clove, nutmeg

Baby Powder- Fresh, Powdery, Cotton

Unscented- Natural shea scent

Body Essential Bundle